“Design is not just what it looks like and feels like. Design is how it works.” –Steve Jobs

Our design centre is the creative hub of the business. Our design team has a collective broad and diverse range of experiences and competencies that can adapt to any brand language or brief.

We not only create imaginative functional POS and Displays, we focus on showcasing the brand and product to create outstanding sales outcomes.


Our modern production facility, with high volume automated CNC manufacturing technology has the ability to manufacture POS Displays from a vast array of materials including Timber, Plastics, Composites, Cardboard and Metal.

To complement our on-site facility, we have Off Shore manufacturing capabilities as well.

So we have the flexibility to blend projects or meet specific timelines or budgets.

Project Management

“The greatest outcomes evolve from thorough planning and preparation”

From the beginning of an idea to the final implementation of a project we aim to carefully manage every step of the process to ensure the end result is there on time and exactly how it was expected.


Concept Forum Environmental Statement

Where ever possible we will use environmentally friendly recyclable or recycled products in our manufacturing processes.
Our approach to environmental management is driven by both the need to reduce the environmental impact, manage costs and sustain high quality products. Waste minimisation is achieved through effective layout design, CNC nesting processes and the procurement of right sized raw materials that limits waste. Energy usage is managed through timely use and efficient production volumes. We also seek to minimise the carbon footprint from project inception through to delivery. This is a key consideration when design, manufacturing and transport options are being considered.

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